Easter brings a turning point to our lives: Reverend

Easter brings a turning point to our lifestyles and mindsets, says the PNG Council of Churches General Secretary Rev. Roger Joseph.

Rev. Joseph, in his Easter message said that while the object of focus is often on the rugged Cross at Easter, we must focus on the characters before, during and after the Cross.

Some of the characters are that of Peter, Judas, King Harod, Pilate, Simon of Cyrene and Joseph of Arimathea and the crowd.

Rev. Joseph said these characters contributed one way or the other to the Cross.

He explained that the Cross is where we see the love of Christ fully demonstrated, though without sin, giving up his life to save the world.

“Often, we have closely studied the Cross to understand Christ’s love for us.

“But how much of these research and search on the Cross have totally changed our lives and attitudes?

“Let us be reminded by these characters and make it that this Easter brings a turning point to our lifestyles and mindsets.

“That in turn, these changes help us prepare us for the National General Elections, and more so, to the prosperity of PNG as a growing nation.

“This will help us contrast our attitudes with the characters we find before, during and after the Cross and see clearly where we fall in.

“As we go through the period of Passion, we should seriously observe the Passions that caused the Cross and eventually make a decision at Christ’s resurrection as to what kind of a Christian we should always be,” Rev. Joseph.

Rev. Joseph sent out Easter greetings of peace and good tidings in the Lord to the good people of PNG.

Quintina Naime