Chuave MP refute claims over ‘BSP syndicate’

Member for Chuave and Vice Minister for Planning, James Nomane has refuted claims circulating on social media on Sunday, August 27, 2023, titled “BSP SYNDICATE – REVEALED”.

The alleged statement was circulated on WhatsApp forums and social media streams and contained serious allegations against Mr Nomane and named employees of the Bank of South Pacific Financial Group Limited (“BSPFGL”) of being responsible for orchestrating the “BSP Glitch” and accessing money from Government accounts, amongst others.

The writer of the article is not named.

“I wish to state on record that the allegations, statements, and comments in the article against me are not true.

“It is an outrageous lie crafted and peddled by jealous people to destroy my reputation and integrity as a young leader in the country.

“The article contains nothing more than defamatory statements against me, other named persons, and even BSPFGL.

“I have since lodged a complaint with the Cyber Crime Office to investigate and identify the author of the article and have him or her face the full brunt of the law.”

“I will not comment further on the contents of the article and likewise, I encourage the public to refrain from further circulating or commenting on this article, as it has become a police matter.”

Loop Author