Chinese men arrested for allegedly selling fake beer

The Policing the Police Task Force Team arrested and charged two Chinese men over the illegal sale of fake SP beer in the National Capital District.

The suspects, Wan Yen Bing, 51, and Wang Yuanyan, are both from the Fujian province of China.

Office in Charge of the Policing the Police Task Force Team (PPTFT), Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry, said his team began investigating the matter when an officer of Eliseo, a wholesale business in the NCD, laid an official complaint with his team.

“The company was concerned that it was named by SP Brewery in a newspaper advertisement as being one of the distributors of the fake beer,” Senior Sergeant Terry said.

The PPTFT secured search warrants for a number of properties within the NCD but came up emptyhanded. Then on December 18, 2018, the team was tipped off that a suspect was selling fake SP beer at Sogeri in the Central Province.

A suspect, Andy Bauai, who is a PNG national, was picked up by the team where he led police to the Kennedy Estate to where Wan, who is married to a Papua New Guinean woman, lived. Bing allegedly admitted to police that he received 50 cartons of the fake beer from Yuanyan and sold them at K50 per carton.

“When interviewed, Yuanyan denied knowledge of the fake beer, however, due to overwhelming evidence we arrested and charged him as well. Both their passports and work permits have been surrendered to police,” Terry said, adding that additional charges are also expected to be laid under other laws, including the PNG Customs Act.

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