Chinese with contraband fined K40,000

The Waigani District Court, in issuing the fine, gave the man 7 days to pay or face jail time of 4 years with hard labour.

Instances of smuggled goods and fake products is becoming rampant in the country, where the state loses out in revenue that should be paid in taxes and customs duties.

Recently the state was defrauded revenue of more than K1.7 million in duties and tax, when Lin Zhong, a man from Fujian province, smuggled and was found in possession of 418 cartons of double happiness cigarettes in a 20ft container.

Chinese men arrested for allegedly selling fake beer

The suspects, Wan Yen Bing, 51, and Wang Yuanyan, are both from the Fujian province of China.

Office in Charge of the Policing the Police Task Force Team (PPTFT), Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry, said his team began investigating the matter when an officer of Eliseo, a wholesale business in the NCD, laid an official complaint with his team.

“The company was concerned that it was named by SP Brewery in a newspaper advertisement as being one of the distributors of the fake beer,” Senior Sergeant Terry said.

Chinese medical ship anchors in POM

This was evident in the number of people in Port Moresby who turned up for a chance to access free and expert medical care offered by the Chinese military.

This newsroom confirmed that over a thousand patients with different medical queries have been referred from the PNG Defence Force and Chinese Medical Officers stationed at Murray Barracks since Thursday.

Similar figures are expected from referral sights in Taurama and Gerehu.

Yesterday, dependents of military personnel were attended to.

Foreigner arrested for allegedly attempting to bribe police

The suspect, namely Zhiyuan Cui, also known as Aaron, of Shandon Province, China, and managing director of A & D Consultancy Limited, allegedly offered K10,000 cash to the Officer in Charge of the Gordon’s Police Station minor crimes unit in the National Capital District, Senior Sergeant Apollos Terry.

Police alleged that the bribe was offered as an inducement for police to stop the ongoing investigation and to release confiscated documents and items back to Zhiyuan’s custody.

Real reason why Chinese women bound their feet

Tiny "golden lotus" feet -- achieved through breaking girls' toes and arches and binding them to the sole of the foot with cloth -- were thought to be a passport to a better marriage and a better way of life.

"In the conventional view, it existed to please men. They were thought to be attracted to small feet," said Laurel Bossen, co-author of the new book "Bound feet, Young hands."

But Bossen's research suggests that the custom has been massively misunderstood.

Buka town rocked by armed holdup at store

It is still unknown whether the criminals escaped  with any money,  but according to eye witnesses numbering up to nearly a hundred people doing New Year’s shopping, they said the criminals were disturbed but as soon as police arrived on the scene they fled.

Guns shots from an M16 A2 weapon echoed around Buka town causing the public to panic while others were confused thinking it was fireworks. It was like a scene from a Hollywood movie as the criminals advanced into the shop.

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Chinese owners told ‘ignorance’ on language issue not an excuse

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse, says a senior magistrate when hearing from a lawyer representing eight Chinese nationals charged with counterfeit trademarks for top sports gear.

Digicel tower vandals urged to surrender