Central Province gives vehicles to districts

Five new Toyota Land Cruisers were handed over to the Central Provincial Administration today for service delivery in the Central Province.

Central Province Governor Kila Haoda said the vehicle is to be solely used for the purpose of service delivery in all five districts in the Central Province.

Haoda said public servants are highly paid but not much service is being delivered to the people in the community.

“When service is not delivered to the people, the district administrations are being blamed for the lack of delivery,” he said.

He added that over the years, there had been a lack of monitoring but this time, officers should not have excuses now in carrying out their work in the communities in the province.

Haoda stressed that vehicles are not to be personalised for family or passenger runs and urged that people of Central Province to report any misuse of the vehicles to the District Administrator as soon as possible.

Annette Kora