CCTV cameras work wonders for police

The newly-installed CCTV cameras are working wonders for Lae police.

The two cameras, brought in from China, were installed on the 7th of April, and have seen the arrest of over 20 offenders under a week.

On Saturday, police apprehended and arrested six men for petty crimes.

One was seen tampering with a parked vehicle in an attempt to gain entry.

Since the installation of the two CCTV cameras last weekend, Police have reported an orderly market area and bus stop.

From the two test runs on April 8th and 9th, 20 arrests were made.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said just the sight of the cameras, which were installed on high metal poles outside the Market Police Station and the bus stop, had deterred opportunists from committing offences.

The Lae Market was identified as one of Lae’s ‘hot spots’ where petty crimes, street selling, vehicle tampering and general harassment of the public takes place.

The Lae metropolitan superintendent’s vision of a safer city came into fruition when three members of the Chinese community in Lae stepped in to assist.

Apart from the market area, he would like to see, and will be campaigning to have, more CCTV coverage in other parts of the city, like Top Town bus stop, Eriku and other identified areas.

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