APEC Ministerial Transport Meet to test system: Tkatchenko

As part of preparations leading up to the APEC Summit in 2018, the 10th APEC Ministerial Transport Meeting will begin before the start of PNG’s formal hosting of APEC in 2018.

This will be afforded full support from the APEC Authority to endure safety and efficiency of this meeting.

Minister for Sports, National Events and APEC, Justin Tkatchenko says PNG hosted the 42nd APEC Transport Working Group in April 2016 that laid the ground work for the Ministerial Meeting.

“This Ministerial Meeting will provide the opportunity to fully test our systems and our officials and staff that will be deployed during our host year,” says Tkatchenko.

Tkatchenko says that by having this meeting here, we can also show to the rest of the world what PNG can offer.

“It’s not only about the economic importance but also the promotion of our country and getting people to know where PNG is and how important PNG is in our region.”

 He adds that PNG will extend PNG’s full hospitality to our visitors and they will return to see the amazing nature of our growing economy.

“We look forward to PNG hosting the 10th APEC Transport Ministerial Meeting in October and show casing our nation once again to the Asia- Pacific,” says Tkatchenko.

Annette Kora