Alcohol to be banned in settlements: MP

The Member for Moresby North-East is planning to ban alcohol in all settlements in his electorate.

In a press briefing today, the Member for Moresby North-East, John Kaupa, said most of the problems experienced in his electorate were alcohol-related. Furthermore, following their recent NCDC Board meeting, he has realised that a majority of alcohol sales in the settlements were unlicensed, hence they were illegal.

“Starting off with Eight-Mile, three people lost their lives because of liquor. The NCDC liquor commission already put a ban on Eight-Mile, indefinite. And as per the last board meeting, the NCDC board also put a ban on all liquor sales in the settlement,” he stated.

Kaupa said the NCDC board will advise the liquor licensing board to effect their decision.

He outlined that 2019 saw a lot of ethnic clashes and unrests in his electorate, which included the confrontation between settlers and police in September, where two Hela men were killed.

The MP stressed that these incidents were fueled by alcohol, therefore there is also a need to look at a set standard of alcohol content.

“So we are working on that, we are doing some research, going to the hospital, how many deaths were alcohol-related…so we want to establish an independent report.”

Meantime, Kaupa said 2020 gives residents the chance to make corrections in their lives.

“It’s about time we forget, forgive, repent and we must all look forward to 2020 because it will be a more challenging year.”

(Article by Jasmine Iru – third year UPNG Journalism student; File picture of MP John Kaupa)

Jasmine Iru