Airstrips need to be operational: Governor

An airstrip is the cheapest link if people in remote parts of Koiari, living along the Kokoda Trail, are to be economically independent.

This is the view of Central Province Governor Robert Agarobe in his recent address to Koiari villagers during the recent reopening of the Kokoda Trail after 2 weeks of closure.

For locals to fully benefit from the spin-off from the Kokoda Trail, airstrips within Central Province must be operational. This will enable the flow of services into the remote parts of the province.

“It will take too long for road links to reach the people. Airstrips are the cheapest way,” Governor Agarobe told the people.

The Kokoda Trail is a valuable tourism product and an airstrip service will be a perfect complement.

It will allow locals to bring in food supplies and other necessities and make them readily available for the convenience of tourists.

“The trackers coming in are our visitors and guests. We have to look after them properly and apply proper tourism and hospitality skills,” Agarobe further stated.

Better food preparation, house-keeping training and an airstrip service for accessibility are important areas that will be considered and included in the Kokoda Trail review.

(Central Province Governor Robert Agarobe – Filepic)

Carolyn Ure