Koiari clan leaders unaware of protest: Chairman

The Narime, Omani and Behori clans received the national government grant of K10 million Land Mobilisation Funds in 2018 after their legitimacy was established by the National Court.

Chairman of the Narime clan, Saroa Beredi, said the group that had blocked off the Sogeri road as well as shut off water at the Rouna stations carried out the act without the clan leaders’ knowledge.

Whilst apologising to the residents of Sogeri, Beredi said the group’s actions were illegal.

Airstrips need to be operational: Governor

This is the view of Central Province Governor Robert Agarobe in his recent address to Koiari villagers during the recent reopening of the Kokoda Trail after 2 weeks of closure.

For locals to fully benefit from the spin-off from the Kokoda Trail, airstrips within Central Province must be operational. This will enable the flow of services into the remote parts of the province.

“It will take too long for road links to reach the people. Airstrips are the cheapest way,” Governor Agarobe told the people.

LOs shut down Sirinumu Dam

The incident has been confirmed by PNG Power Ltd.

"It takes an estimated six hours for water flow from the dam area to the Rouna 2 Hydro Power Station to dry up when the valve is turned off," says PPL in a statement.

"This means there will be disruptions to power supply at around 6pm this evening. This will also affect water supply later this evening."

Reasons behind the incident are yet to be made known.

"Stakeholders who are in talks with the Sirinumu landowners are in meetings at the moment to get the issue sorted out immediately.

Central Province’s food bowls are Koiari and Goilala

And this has only been a saying until the recent opportunity provided by a helicopter company, Airbone Logistics PNG has proven so.

From providing flight services into these remote areas, Airbone Logistics in June this year started buying fresh garden produce from farmers which they bring and resell in Port Moresby.

This has now become a daily routine where dry freight from Port Moresby is flown into Goilala, Koiari and Dorobisoro and the aircrafts returns with fresh garden produce.