24 Kwarabri villages surrender to Police

Twenty-four people of Kwarabri village of East Yangoru LLG in East Sepik Province have surrendered to police through a peace ceremony held on Friday September 1st, 2023.

Of the 24 people, one was an escapee and 23 were suspects who were involved in the clash with police, during June of this year.

The villagers through the ceremony apologise to the police and the district for the law and order issue they have caused leading up to the gun battle between police and the villagers, resulting in the death of a youth and five wounded.  

Led by paramount chief Joseph Legimani, they surrender also two gas bottles for brewing steam, and 21 guns to the police in the presence of Yangoru- Saussia MP Richard Maru and the East Sepik Provincial Police Commander Christopher Tamari.

According to the State Lawyer, Enoch Manihambu, it took them about two months to convince the 24 people to surrender including the villages to surrender their guns.

MP Maru described the ceremony as the biggest surrender and peace program in the history of the district.

He said due to the gun battle between Kwarabri and the police, the Yangoru-Saussia District Development Authority brought in Mobile Squad 15 from Bulolo in Morobe Province to calm the situation.

“We have to bring the Mobile Squad because of the issue that you (Kwarabri) created. It cost us millions of kina,” he said.

He said the funds for other services and developments for the districts were diverted into law and order.

“I do not want to hear of any more law and order issues in Kwarabri,” he said.

Maru thanked the 24 people for doing the right thing to surrender to the police and encouraged other communities in the district to follow the example set by Kwarabri village. 

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