Peace Ceremony

Kokoda Track Landowners Unite

This event aimed to resolve escalating tensions among local landowners who had blocked access to the historic Kokoda Track. The barricade, erected by villagers, was at a key checkpoint for trekkers.

The ceremony was attended by key figures, including KTA board members, local village leaders, Oro Provincial Administrator Trevor Megei, and representatives from the Papua New Guinea Tourism Authority (TPA). The gathering underscored a renewed commitment to community unity and development.

24 Kwarabri villages surrender to Police

Of the 24 people, one was an escapee and 23 were suspects who were involved in the clash with police, during June of this year.

The villagers through the ceremony apologise to the police and the district for the law and order issue they have caused leading up to the gun battle between police and the villagers, resulting in the death of a youth and five wounded.