23yo’s body discovered at govt building

The body of a 23-year-old man was found yesterday morning at the Treasury building in Port Moresby.

The man, from a mixed parentage of Gulf and Central Province, had been missing for four days after a graduation party at one of the night clubs in Port Moresby.

The deceased had been missing for days when his family posted a picture of him on the popular Facebook page, NCD Alert.

The post read: “My cousin brother has been missing since Friday night. He graduated at IBS College that day and headed over to Lamana Gold Club to celebrate his end of schooling year…”

Around 9am Wednesday morning (Oct 25), employees of Treasury complained of a foul smell and upon investigation, they found a body lying at the basement of the building.

Though Police were on the scene immediately, it took almost the whole day to get the body out of the closed space. The exercise required the assistance of fire service and all relevant authorities.

This newsroom was told around 4pm yesterday, upon arrival at the scene, that bricks had to be broken down to get the body out.

Relatives of the 23-year-old were at the layout when the ambulance and police brought the body and identified him as their missing relative.

Police have confirmed that this is now a homicide case however, they could not comment further. 

Imelda Wavik