Woman with disability raped, killed: Police

The lifeless and battered body of the woman was found at her family residence at East Boroko, Port Moresby.

The NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Perou N’Dranou, said according to reports received from Homicide, the body of the woman, from Central Province, was found under the house.

He said following observations from the homicide unit on ground at that time, the woman could have been beaten and raped in the early hours of the morning – between 2 and 3am.

However, it is still unclear on whether it was a gang rape or not. 

Family identifies Kinakon body

Last seen on Friday, her body was discovered around midday today (Feb 25) near a drain at Kinakon, outside Port Moresby. 

Her emotional sister, Gloria Touai, said she could not believe that this was her sister lying there.

She said she last spoke with her sister on Friday, when the victim told her she would be visiting her older child.

The late Barbara and her friends had then gone to an outdoor club called the White House, which is located in the same area. 

Woman’s body discovered near drain

The mother-of-two, from Goilala, has been identified by her relatives.

According to the grieving relatives, the deceased, who lived at 14-Mile, had been missing since Friday.

Meantime, the Central provincial police commander, Laimo Asi, confirmed the discovery of the body, adding that they believe she was murdered, as her face has been disfigured.

“Details into her death will have to be established through the investigation process,” stated the PPC.

The deceased’s relatives are currently on site, collecting money to bring the body down to the hospital.

23yo’s body discovered at govt building

The man, from a mixed parentage of Gulf and Central Province, had been missing for four days after a graduation party at one of the night clubs in Port Moresby.

The deceased had been missing for days when his family posted a picture of him on the popular Facebook page, NCD Alert.

The post read: “My cousin brother has been missing since Friday night. He graduated at IBS College that day and headed over to Lamana Gold Club to celebrate his end of schooling year…”

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