Restaurants, Fast-food outlets must follow food laws: Health officer

There are food laws in place that restaurants and fast-food outlets should follow, says NCDC Senior Environmental Health Officer, Silas Jonathan.

His office deals with food safety among other health issues within three electorates of NCD.

Hence this reminder comes with the responsibility to see food safety practices adhered to, to prevent health issues such as food poisoning.

Jonathan said each of the three electorates has at least four officers and this poses a difficult task in covering the whole city adequately.

“Best way is to do up a monthly program and monitor according to it, in order to cover a place at a time,” he said.

He also said that the public should come forward and lodge a complaint on incidences or when they are not comfortable with something in a public eatery.  

“We act upon such complaints and pursue with actions if and when the outlet is not in line with requirements,” he said.

“As long as it’s a fast-food and it’s in our jurisdiction, we deal with it accordingly,” he added.

Health complaints in NCD can be raised with the office: Chief Health Surveyor Isowa Morea (323 3212) or Senior Environmental Health Officer Silas Jonathan 324 0638). The office is located at the NCDC City Hall.

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Gloria Bauai