public eatery

Food poisoning investigation ongoing

These authorities include team officers from NCDC Health, National Health Department and World Health Organisation.

While the restaurant management says they are still awaiting NCDC’s outcome on the investigation, an NCDC health representative said the team is yet to establish any findings to the case.

Confirming this, Department of Health’s (DoH) program officer – surveillance and emergency team, Barry Ropa, said the investigation process is complex.

Restaurants, Fast-food outlets must follow food laws: Health officer

His office deals with food safety among other health issues within three electorates of NCD.

Hence this reminder comes with the responsibility to see food safety practices adhered to, to prevent health issues such as food poisoning.

Jonathan said each of the three electorates has at least four officers and this poses a difficult task in covering the whole city adequately.

“Best way is to do up a monthly program and monitor according to it, in order to cover a place at a time,” he said.

Keeping fast-foods in check

At least you know how clean it is, what you’re eating and how it’s been prepared.

But in the case of restaurants, kai-bars and fast-foods, you have no idea how they’re treating you.

That’s where Environmental Health Officers come into play. They are simply the eyes of the public.

“We basically monitor and keep surveillance for food safety. We do routine inspections to any business house that sells food,” says Silas Jonathan, NCD Senior Environmental Health Officer.