The needy should be our concern

People in need should be our concern.


This notion has prompted a group of Catholic mothers from Manus Province to travel more than 300 miles to visit the relocated Manam islanders in Madang Province.

A group of 17 women, including their spiritual group known as the warrior mothers, left Manus last Wednesday, September 27.

These mothers are from the St. Nicholas Catholic Church in Lombrum, Manus Province.

The group arrived in Madang and took the trip to Bogia District to visit one of the Manam care centres.

Manam islanders were moved to the mainland, Bogia, after being evicted 11 years ago when the Manam volcano erupted.

Three care centres were set up to cater for them - Mangem, Asuramba and Postsdam.

12 communities make up the population of the islanders who were relocated, and as of November 2015, Loop PNG noted close to 2,134 families living there.

The St Nicholas Catholic mothers from Lombrum visited the Asuramba Care Centre on Sunday, with donations of food, clothing and other basic necessities.

The group will be returning on Saturday but in the meantime, they are doing routine visits around Madang.

Representing the group, John Bade, the church chairman, said people in need should be our responsibility. And in the case of the Manam islanders, these are a displaced population who need all the support they can get.

Gloria Bauai