The 5 basic freedom of animals

PNG’s only vet clinic took time out last Saturday to remind people to care for their pets.

It starts small, and it starts with caring for the animals closest to you.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) of Papua New Guinea was out on World Wildlife day to promote the 5 basic freedom of animals:

#1 Freedom from Hunger and Thirst – people must make sure their pets are fed properly and have clean drinking water

#2 Freedom from discomfort – pet must have a proper place to sleep

#3 Freedom from pain, injury or diseases – if your pet is sick, treat them. Take them to the vet – RSPCA

#4. Freedom from fear or distress – for example, if your dog is scared, don’t mistreat him or her because dogs are like humans and they have feelings too.

#5. Freedom to express normal behaviour – most people when they hear dogs barking, they tend to get a stone and hit the dog to keep quiet. Some boys like to shoot birds down from trees. This should be discouraged.  

Eunice Kanamabae – education officer with RSPCA, said using these five basic freedom, a person can take care of their pets well.

RSPCA has an education program where they visit schools in NCD, teaching children about responsible pet care and wildlife conservation.

Gloria Bauai