Everyday People PNG : Carol Paul & Tabitha Abel

It’s a beautiful day here in Wabag and we are proud to host this peace festival

My name is Carol and my wantok, well sister, is Tabitha. Our province has been a leader in education and that’s because of our ‘action’ Governor. Now we will be a leader in bringing peace into the province. Often we get a bad image because of all the tribal fighting. Recently we had three deaths in our community and it was a horrible feeling to hear about these young lives lost. We are peaceful people, these are opportunists high on drugs and so the news was a shock to us. Enga has food in abundance, we have all we need to survive so with COVID-19 we just focus on our street soccer competition. It keeps our young people active and fit and hopefully away from trouble.

Carol Paul Wojem & Tabitha Abel Kongupun 

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