Everyday People: JoeJoe

My name is Joejoe I’m from Central and I live at Erima.

I used to roam the streets looking for anything that I could do to pass time. Then I came across some friends who told me about City Mission and how it plays a bigger role in the lives of young men in Port Moresby.

One day I travelled to Koki and gave my name for enrolment. I was given a specific date to come back for an interview. After a successful interview I secured myself a space and I’m now here at Gereka.

I’ve learnt a lot both physically and spiritually whilst living here in Gereka. On the physical side we do trainings on how to be a security guard, how to farm or build. We also attend to morning and night devotions.

I love this place and what they’re offering me and I’m so happy I took up this program and I’m willing to learn more from my trainers.

Photo credit: Antoinette Poivi

Antoinette Poivi, UPNG Journalism Student