​POM zombie invasion ending soon

The Roman and zombie invasion of Port Moresby will come to an end this coming weekend.

The plays that brought them here will be packed up and put away after the final show on June 11, 7.30pm.

So far, three productions of When the Buai Falls and Zombies Attack have delighted theatregoers with zany humour and good fun.

When the Buai Falls is set 1,000 years ago when the Holy Roman Empire has colonised the islands of Papua New Guinea. Little did these Roman legionnaires know they would have to deal with loopy sorcerers and hot blooded women.

Zombies Attack is the perfect stress reliever if you have ever felt anxious about such critters as zombies, werewolves or raskols invading your comfort zone. The play is a mock seminar on how to prepare for a zombie attack, including a very danceable way of killing them.

Shows are at the Moresby Arts Theatre (MAT) June 8 and 10 (June 9 sold out!) at 7.30 pm, and a matinee on Saturday June 10. Tickets are K30 for adults and K10 for under 18s. The matinee is K10 for everyone. Prior to the matinee, you can wander around the MAT grounds and look at the spectacular monthly art and craft market on display.

Tickets are available from MAT, Waterfront and Boroko Foodworld.


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