Moresby Arts Theatre (MAT)

Theatre Arts Avenue For Youth Participation

Adriana Mulavo, a year nine student attending Kopkop College said dramatizing these sensitive topics gave her and her class the chance to talk about the issues that they see happening around them.

“These topics dramatized on stage (police brutality, suicide, gambling) needs to be talked about and really needs changing…Telling these stories, in a way helped us to express ourselves. Because most of the time we are not allowed to do that in an academic setting.”

Support for Youth in Arts

Since 2016, the YAP has done well to educate the young in understanding social issues in the country through physical and oral storytelling, with hopes to inspire social confidence and self-awareness in this new generation.

This year, through this wonderful partnership, YAP has reached yet another level with teachers and former UOG-YAP participants teaching grade nine students in high schools in Port Moresby, bringing them to attend YAP at the Moresby Arts Theatre.

PNG artists to display work

An opportunity will be given for art lovers to view a range of new works from across the nation, including Lae, Alotau, Madang and Goroka.

One of the oldest art institutions in PNG, the Moresby Arts Theatre, will host the 2021 Art Exhibition and Prize, displaying the best entries in a gallery setting and online, with a gala opening night to kick off the three-day event.

On July 17th and 18th, artists will deliver their paintings and sculptures to the gallery.

Tragedy strikes 'King Lear'

The story of the old king and his three daughters (the evil Goneril and Regan and the innocent Cordelia) is set next to that of a father (Gloucester) and his two sons (the evil Edmund and the set-upon Edgar).

Arts program attracts over 600 students

The program has attracted more than 600 students from 13 schools in the National Capital District to learn about important social issues and how to make their communities aware of them.

This year’s theme is “Your Voice”.

It emphasised the importance of being able to discuss and debate issues, how to express opinions and communicate with others.

​POM zombie invasion ending soon

The plays that brought them here will be packed up and put away after the final show on June 11, 7.30pm.

So far, three productions of When the Buai Falls and Zombies Attack have delighted theatregoers with zany humour and good fun.

When the Buai Falls is set 1,000 years ago when the Holy Roman Empire has colonised the islands of Papua New Guinea. Little did these Roman legionnaires know they would have to deal with loopy sorcerers and hot blooded women.

Zombies and Roman army to invade POM

Meanwhile, audiences will be getting skills training in killing would-be zombies.

The invasion starts on Thursday June 1 at 7:30pm when two 1-act plays are performed by the Moresby Arts Theatre (MAT). The two plays, ‘When the Buai Falls’ and ‘Zombie Attack’ are short comedies guaranteed to get audiences laughing.

Meisoga: A PNG play for PNG people

“Meisoga”, will tell the legendary tale of the Meisoga clan’s matriarch, Sine Kepu, and how she led her people to find safety, food security and water on a new island in Milne Bay.

The play, which deals with cultural taboos, interfamilial marriage, witchcraft, and inter-tribal bloodshed, is written and directed by Andrew Kuliniasi, a sixteen-year old student who has already been involved in a number of productions staged by the Moresby Arts Theatre.

In the interview below, Andrew discusses the play, the importance of theatre in PNG culture and his own cultural background.

Capturing history through theatre

16 year old Andrew Kuliniasi asks this question with the concern that in this era, many cannot trace back their historical roots.

“I feel that it is important as a young Papua New Guinean to understand my culture, or history. So many now don’t have a sense of where they come from, but of where they are now.

“If we lose our cultural identity, there won’t be anything special to say I’m Papua New Guinean,” he says.

Breaking this trend, Kuliniasi is capturing the story of his clan – Meisoga from the Milne Bay province, in the newest play for Moresby Arts Theatre.

PNG Human Rights Film Festival starts

Today’s show will feature arts, culture and politics in PNG and three films will be shown starting at 6pm. A panel discussion will follow to discuss refugees after the filming.

The Papua New Guinea Human Rights Film Festival (PNG HRFF) promotes greater respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights for all. It creates a forum for debate to empower the audience with the understanding that personal commitment can make a difference to end discrimination.