Women’s Efforts Wasted

The polling delay in NCD not only frustrated those who made the early morning dash to polling sites but also mothers at Vabukori village in Moresby South electorate.

Women from Vabukori had to wake up as early as 5am to prepare meals for its 1000 plus eligible voters. The mothers said it was wasted effort, the meals were prepared on time for voters only to find out polling was deferred. 

A public servant residing at Vabukori, Granette Ontimo said she had to leave work only to sit around and wait for nothing. 
Coordinator for sitting member, Justin Tkatchenko in the village, Kwari Daure said there were rumours in the community that scrutineers and candidates were responsible for tampering with polling schedule.

Community youth leader, David Rahe said it was unfair on the voters and unfortunate this had to happen. 

“What was the Electoral Commission doing for the last five years, they should have prepared well. This is disappointing as compared to Hiri-Koiara, a new electorate where polling is well underway,” Rahe said. 

Jasmine Iru