Slow start to NCD polling

Polling in NCD started at snail’s pace as polling officials made a last minute rush to sort ballots for respective polling sites.

Most Polling sites started receiving votes as of 11am, without any major hiccups. 

Five polling booths were set up at Boreboa Primary School for Ward 10, North West. Four booths were arranged in alphabetical order while the fifth booth was set aside for residents of Tokam and Telikom Compound.

Despite this polling booth set up in an orderly manner, many long-time residents didn't find their names on the electoral roll.

Tokam Barracks had only 89 names out of 2000 plus voters and 79 out of 3000 were eligible for Telikom compound.

Electoral officials of Ward 10 said the only delay was the arrival of ballot boxes and some officials.

The officials said as faced by many voters around the country, missing names were the cause of commotion between voters and polling officials.

Loop author