Polye claims O’Neill uses state resources for campaign

Opposition Leader, Don Polye, claims that Peter O’Neill has been using state resources to carry out elections campaigns for the himself and the Peoples National Congress (PNC).

In a media conference today, Polye alleges the the use of state resources and funds goes to assist PNC election campaigns in the context of  project launchings and openings.

Polye cited the use of the Falcon Jet, allowances to public servants and police who travel, the hiring of helicopters to and from remote areas.

“The cheques are coming out of Treasury. The cheques are coming out of finance. The cheques are coming out of the Prime Ministers Department. So I’ve got facts to prove this,” Polye said.

He labeled the alleged actions as ‘unprecedented gross abuse and misuse of state resources.’

Polye has called on the Ombudsman Commission to investigate these claims.

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Cedric Patjole