NIP Teachers Warned

The New Ireland Education CEO has warned school principals and boards in the province not to use school properties for election campaigning.

Apelis Benson said he has seen school trucks for Lasiliba, Lamusmus, Tapias, Yaraka, Lemakot TVET and Primary including Maggai Agro Secondary School, used for campaigns.

Mr. Benson has further warned teachers to stay away from engaging in campaigns.

“So far I have seen direct breach of the Joint circular from the Teaching Service Commission and National Department of Education,” he said.

“These schools will be charged under relevant laws. We have so far collected names of teachers leading campaign for parties and candidates. Again these teachers will be charged,” he added.

The CEO has also instructed principals to submit names of teachers who are absent from school and engaged in political rallies, campaign trips and related activities.

“Due to dry season, schools are directed to work on an effective timetable arrangement to cover lessons. I have directed that schools may finish at 1pm each day,” said Benson.

He has encouraged school principals to take full control of their school programs daily.

Jemimah Sukbat