Marus nominates to dominate Talasea seat

Incumbent Talasea MP Francis Marus who has ruled two terms in Parliament had nominated on Tuesday in Kimbe.

He is adamant he wants to dominate the seat for three terms to equal the record set by Patterson Balive Lowa.

Truckloads of supporters from the oil palm blocks convoyed along the Kimbe-Hoskins road as they chanted, sang and dangled from moving vehicles with faces smeared with paint and traditional attire.

A major road-block was set up as the former Deputy Speaker and two-term MP is brought forward by his valiant men to have him nominate.

It is expected the sitting member will face a good challenge from new faces Freddie Kumai, John Takae, Simon Malu and WNB President of PNC Ren'e Reimann.


Picture by Dorcas Tindiri


Freddy Mou