Kaupa retains MNE seat

Incumbent MP for Moresby North East John Kaupa, has been re-elected to office.

Kaupa won by 18,365 votes. Runner-up Alfred Andapanga Baliawe finished with 17,580 votes. 

The member-elect exceeded the absolute majority of 18,038 votes. 

Present at the declaration was Deputy Prime Minister of the care-taker government, John Rosso, Governor for Hela Province, Philip Undialu, and runner-up Andapanga Baliawe.

"I won't forget all my brothers and sisters that ran for this seat. I also want to say thank you to the 76 candidates that we have no hard feelings, Andapanga I thank you for the competition. Candidate Diane Unagi I'd like to congratulate her, she also made it among the men. I’m so delighted to sign the writ on behalf of Moresby North East, it's all about unity,” said Kaupa. 

Andapanga Baliawe accepted Kaupa’s win. 

"I am here to congratulate our new member John Kaupa and also to the 76 candidates that ran for this seat. I want to make an appeal that I am happy that Kaupa won, so if there is any opportunists doing harm in (the) streets you are not with me,” said Andapanga.


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