Huge crowd witnesses Muthuvel’s nomination

WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel’s nomination yesterday brought Kimbe town to a standstill attracting a huge crowd who came from all corners of the province to witness the occasion.

He said the turn-out of the crowd signified what his government  and administration, the National Government and development partners have done for the Province.

He thanked the churches for their contribution to service delivery through Church-based organizations (CBO’s ) and since before Independence until today.

“Churches have played a big role in shaping the service delivery for this nation,” he said.

“I can consciously say that we have tried our best to deliver to the best of our capacity every day for the last five years with commitment and loyalty to serve our people, covering 70% of what we planned to achieve with determination,” he said.

Though not all projects that were envisioned could be rolled out due to inevitable constraints, I am humbled to say that there has been significant development during our term in Parliament.

He praised the National Government and Development Partners for having confidence in West New Britain in investing over K300 million in the form of funding various impact projects in the Province such as the Airport Upgrade, Power line transmission, ADB funded 12 bridges, Aum  and Kapiura Bridge plus all other major infrastructure.

He thanked the people of West New Britain for giving him the privilege to serve them in the last five years and pledged continuity to support rural empowerment through sustainable agriculture, rural electrification, infrastructure and most importantly education and health.

He urged his people to follow their heart and listen to their inner self, “Do not make decisions based on material and physical goods but based on what your heart tells you,” he said.

“If you can trust someone with your personal money, your hard earned savings and your assets, to give to them to look after, and give it back to your children, then you must support him or her, but if you can’t trust that person then you must not support him,” he said.

Meanwhile, other intending candidates that have nominated so far include:
Joe Logha -Kandrian Gloucester.  Joe Simo - Talasea   Elias Bungtabu - Kandrian Gloucester
Augustine (Tintin) Reu -Talasea Open, John Simo- Talasea Open ,Lagisa Bai -  Regional,Felix Bage - Talasea Open, Joe loga - Talasea Open, William Benjamin Padio – Regional, Taciscius Karan - Kandrian Gloucestor  and Freddie Kumai- Talasea Open

Becky Marum