ENB Nomination Update

As of midday today, there are 80 candidates vying for seats in East New Britain with four women in the race.

Gazelle leads with 28 nominations, Kokopo 21, Regional 17, Rabaul 9 and Pomio 5. Opening this morning’s nomination is Ekonia Tokau for Rabaul Open and Samson Kaelam –Gazelle Open and at midday was Kokopo Open candidate, Melkie Anton.
The four female candidates have all nominated successfully. Lannet Aua, a retired teacher an independent candidate is vying for the Regional seat. Theonilla Watt, a retired health worker is running under Advance PNG Party vying for the Gazelle seat.

Independent candidate, Kathleen Midal Kunai is running for the Gazelle seat. Cathleen Baragu is vying for Kokopo seat under PNG One Nation Party.

Party Affiliated Candidates are as follows:

  1. Sitting Governor Nakikus Konga- PNC
  2. Levi Silu Orong-Social Democratic Party
  3. Cosmas Bauk- ULP
  4. Jack Voivoi- National Alliance
  5. Sir Leo Dion- Pangu Party
  6. Hosea Kaelam Jnr- Christian Democratic
  7. Dr Victor Golpak-People's First Party
  8. Ronnie Ilam-PNG National Party

Independent Candidates:

  1. Philip Miaba
  2. Michael Marum
  3. Norbert Kubak
  4. Robert Lutulel
  5. Eliuda ToMararang
  6. Lawrence Timur
  7. Iona Alipet
  8. Eric Maiap
  9. Lanieth Aua
  10. Melkie Anton
  11. Ekonia Tokau

Nominations will close tomorrow at 4pm and then the order of draw will be done for the box numbers to be issued to candidates.