Elect A Good Leader

Making the right choice during election really depends on individuals and first time voters have taken the nomination period as their first experience of what it is like and what to expect.

The nomination held over the past week has brought mixed feelings, new sentiments, a lot of hype, some celebrations and more is expected in the coming weeks.

Robert Midi, 22, from Hela Province was part of the crowd at Unagi Oval yesterday, witnessing nominations for Moresby Northeast and the last day of nomination nationwide.

The young man was among supporters of three different candidates, when he was approached to share his thoughts and views on the election.

Robert is witnessing for the first time the elections in the nation’s capital.



Robert Midi, 22, of Hela Province witnessing ongoing nominations at the Unagi Oval, Port Moresby.

“I have gone around various locations within Port Moresby to witness nominations. In the Highlands, nominations are done in an orderly manner, where candidates and supporters go together and wait in line to make their speeches after nominating.

“In Port Moresby, there is no order, candidates and supporters are scattered everywhere when they come in to nominate. Maybe this can improve in the next election,” says Robert.

When asked whether he enrolled to vote, Robert is uncertain and is not sure, though he had enrolled seven months ago when the electoral officers came knocking at his home in Kila Kila in Moresby South.

“Before leaving for my home province I registered to vote in the city. I returned a few weeks ago. I do not know if I will vote this year, I haven’t checked if my name is on the Common Roll.

Robert is urging all first time votes to do the right thing, think carefully and vote for a leader not because of his wealth and money but someone who can deliver services.

“For me I will pray to God to guide me in voting a good leader.”

Meantime, Michael Mini, in his late 40s, from Chimbu did not have much to say but want people living in Moresby Northeast electorate to choose wisely when voting their leader.

He said the electorate’s population had doubled for the last five years and they lacked basic services especially in health.

Michael wants a leader that will provide better clinics and bring reliable water service to every homes. He said currently most people living in Northeast settlements lack clean water. 



Michael Mini, of Chimbu Province at the Unagi Oval, Port Moresby.


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