Drunkards behind PNC rally disruption: PPC

​Drunkards were behind the unsuccessful attempt to interrupt the People’s National Congress Party rally in Goroka last week.

Eastern Highlands Provincial Police Commander, Alex N’Drasal, confirmed that the incident was caused by a minority of people, who were chased by those attending the rally.

A stone throwing fight soon broke out but police intervened.

Prime Minister and PNC Party leader, Peter O’Neill, was on ground to show support for his PNC party candidates in EHP on Tuesday.  

O’Neill told Loop PNG that disturbance was caused by a few people under the influence of alcohol.

“People sat down and listened for over 45 minutes of my speech,” said the PM.

He further said he will not be easily intimidated by supporters of opposing candidates. 

However, Opposition Leader Don Polye challenged the prime minister not to water down people’s anger.

“It is only a representation of common public resentment our people have had against him and his government across the country for destroying their economy and our children's future,” claims Polye, who is the Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party leader.

“Our people will vote out PNC party and its candidates in the polls. Their resentment will be translated into votes.”

(The PM at Goroka, EHP – File sourced from PNC Party Facebook page)

Charles Yapumi