​Lupari clarifies his role in steering committee

The Chief Secretary to Government, Isaac Lupari, has clarified his role as Chair of the Steering Committee.

“The Steering Committee on National Elections was not created overnight,” he says.

“It was set up and utilised by past governments to provide advice to the Electoral Commission on the smooth running of the elections.

“The Committee liaises with the Electoral Commission and brings to the attention of the government issues they face so these can be dealt with in an expedited manner.

“These are mainly funding and administrative issues.”

Lupari says as Chief Secretary, he chairs the Steering Committee.

“Since day one, we have been working closely with the Commission to ensure everything required for a smooth election was in place.

“As Chair, I make myself available at media conferences with the Electoral Commissioner to answer questions relating to the role of the Committee, and the government’s responses to issues and concerns raised by the Electoral Commission,” says Lupari.

“The role and work of my committee is very open, public and transparent. We do not operate behind the scenes, as suggested by some candidates.

“We are not involved in the day-to-day running of the elections.

“Election operations rest with Patilias Gamato and his team. That is their independent and constitutional role.

“The suggestion that I am using my position to manipulate the elections is utter nonsense and self-serving,” Lupari states.

“The elections are underway, and the Committee will continue to monitor the process and work with the Commission when called upon to ensure the elections are completed in the manner we all desire.”

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