Mixed Feelings Over COVID Vaccine

Since the roll out of the COVID 19 vaccination in the country there are still those that are on the fence about getting vaccinated.

This is due to the negativity posted on social media platforms that have gone viral, and in its wake influencing those that feel they need more assurance that getting vaccinated is safe.

Tom Morea from central province fervently expressed his mixed feelings about the AstraZeneca vaccine.

At the recent launching of the Motu Koita Assembly Mobile Vaccination clinic, Mr Morea expressed that he, like many others, are still unsure about taking the jab.

He said, “Most of us want to have this vaccination because we want to safeguard ourselves from the dreaded disease and I do not want to stop people from their decision in taking the vaccination. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions and if you feel comfortable with your choice you go ahead and do what you feel is right.”

He went on to add, “I too have a right to make a choice and at present I have mixed feelings as I want the government and the doctors to assure us completely that the vaccine has nothing to do with what is shown on social media platforms. I really want to get vaccinated but I am holding back as I have mixed feelings about this vaccination as I am afraid something may go wrong.”

Mr. Morea mentioned his disappointment about rugby players being denied to play because they prefer not to take the vaccine,”…we are saying Papua New Guinea is a free country, a Christian country yet we are depriving people of their rights to make their own decision. Em laik blo wan wan!”

While he appreciates what is being done to make this health service available to his village, he says he needs time to think carefully before he can decide on taking the vaccine or not. 

Carol Kidu