Covid vaccine

WHO approves India Covid vaccine for emergency use

The vaccine was approved in India in January while the third phase of clinical trials was still under way, sparking some concern and criticism.

Bharat Biotech, which makes the vaccine, has since published data suggesting 78 percent efficacy.

The WHO said in a tweet it believed the benefits far outweighed the risks.

Some experts had pointed to a fast-track approval and incomplete data, but the firm's chairman, Dr Krishna Ella, said the vaccine was "200% safe".

Mixed Feelings Over COVID Vaccine

This is due to the negativity posted on social media platforms that have gone viral, and in its wake influencing those that feel they need more assurance that getting vaccinated is safe.

Tom Morea from central province fervently expressed his mixed feelings about the AstraZeneca vaccine.

At the recent launching of the Motu Koita Assembly Mobile Vaccination clinic, Mr Morea expressed that he, like many others, are still unsure about taking the jab.

Controller restricts other COVID-19 vaccinations in PNG

Manning directed that no vaccine except AstraZeneca shall be administered under the Papua New Guinea COVID-19 national Vaccination Program unless authorized in writing by the Controller.

Foreign Governments with diplomatic missions in Papua New Guinea may only provide COVID-19 vaccinations to their staff within the mission (excluding PNG citizens); permanent residents to their countries; and their citizens.

The Controller further directed that:

CPHA launches vaccine rollout program

The launch took place in a small but significant ceremony at the Edai Township in Boera, Central Province.

Board Member of the Central PHA Sisa Kini, launched the vaccine rollout program.

She thanked all partners involved in getting the vaccination program off the ground.

First batch of Covid vaccines arrives in the UK

It has been taken to a central hub at an undisclosed location, and will now be distributed to hospital vaccination centres around the UK.

The UK has ordered 40 million doses - enough to vaccinate 20 million people.

England's deputy chief medical officer said the first wave of vaccinations could prevent up to 99% of Covid-19 hospital admissions and deaths.

Speaking to BBC News, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam said that would be possible if everyone on the first priority list took the vaccine and it was highly effective.