CPHA launches vaccine rollout program

The Central Provincial Health Authority today launched its vaccine rollout program.

The launch took place in a small but significant ceremony at the Edai Township in Boera, Central Province.

Board Member of the Central PHA Sisa Kini, launched the vaccine rollout program.

She thanked all partners involved in getting the vaccination program off the ground.

Edai town is one of 15 vaccine sites established in Central Province.

The other 14 are set up in each district of the province.

The vaccination for Hiri, that's Edai, Sogeri and Papa, begins this Thursday May 6th and runs for the two weeks.

The program will be rolled out in the other Central districts next Monday May 10th.

Meantime, at today's launch, three volunteers received the AsteaZeneca

Acting Chief Executive Officer of Central PHA Dr James Amini was on hand to deliver the Central Governor's speech on the vaccine rollout program, much of which was to start getting vital health facilities up and running.

Dr Amini said,"Due to our close proximity to NCD, Central is at risk of COVID-19 spreading fast. As of second May 2021, Central Province has 202 positive cases with no deaths. At present all its severe cases are being treated in NCD Hospitals."

However the capacity of COVID-19 facilities may not be able handle the escalating numbers of reported COVID-19 cases.

Dr Amini relayed that the Provincial Government's high priority is getting its health facilities up and functioning.

Part of that plan is the long overdue Central Provincial Hospital in Bautama.

"Land is already allocated and this project must be supported by all stakeholders to make it really happen. Kwikila Interim Provincial Hospital rehabilitation is (progressing) very slowly due to administrative processes  Administrative red tape must be eliminated immediately to deliver this project," Dr Amini said.

According to Governor Robert Agarobe, the health outcomes and poor health indicators in the province will not improve unless critical hospital infrastructures are developed. 

Salome Vincent