Citizens urged to protect themselves

A bleak picture was painted of Morobe’s health landscape by nurses and health extension officers, who are overworked, lack resources and manpower but are forced to work in inadequate, cramped facilities.

With doctors standing down from their jobs at the ANGAU Memorial Provincial Hospital, the COVID-19 hospital lacking emergency drugs and other critical medical supplies, the Nurses Association Morobe president, Siling Awasa, is urging citizens to protect themselves against the virus.

She outlined that sunlight (heat) contributes to the healing of multiple health conditions, including severe acute respiratory syndrome.

“Eat a lot of fruits, garden food, do small exercises around your house and steam – steam every day,” she said.

Awasa stated that with COVID-19 having a general protein and fatty layer, high temperature destroys the structure. This is why COVID-19 patients steam themselves on a daily basis.

She stressed on taking precautionary measures before the virus attaches itself to an individual’s lungs.

Meantime, the nurses and HEOs are looking forward to an audience with the Morobe Provincial Health Authority on Wednesday, the 7th of April. If they are not satisfied with the outcome of the gathering, an ultimatum will be issued that may include them stopping work as well.

Carmella Gware