Champions vaccinated in NCD

During this time when everyone else in PNG is hesitant of taking the Covid-19 vaccination, there are a few champions all over the provinces including NCD who are willing to take the chance to ensure their safety and that of others.

The National Capital District Commission administration has taken the lead with the front line health workers and the NCDC PHA is right behind them.

“Team NCDC to be vaccinated with the manager for Corporate services and the project manager, health manager, everybody is there. So thank you I was one of those to be vaccinated, I didn’t fall down dead so you don’t get scared because governor and city manager and chair and everybody we were all vaccinated.”

Executive Officer for the NCD Governor Udu Vai took the jab and he also encouraged his Motu-Koitabu people to do so, saying in Motu language that the deadly disease is here and in order to protect themselves they need to get vaccinated.

NCDC also extended the call to its service providers. Ron Bell has people under him who provide security service to the commission.

“I’m getting into the high risk bracket of the age, I’ve got a PNG family, I’ve got three young children, I do not wanna put them at risk by me catching Covid-19 and to me the best way to stop the disease is to get the jab.” Ron Bell said.

Bell said he will also arrange for all his family to get the jab. He also encourages his employees to do the same.

Frieda Kana