Woman gets 14 years sentence for murder

A woman has been sentenced to serve 14 years at Bomana prison after she was found guilty for stabbing her husband to death.

 The Bomana National Court this week sentenced Lucy Jacob to 16 years in prison however one year nine months was subtracted for time spent in remand.

She was convicted in September over the killing of her husband on January 7 last year along the Hiritano Highway, Central Province.

The court found Jacob stabbed her husband on his chest with a knife, which led to his death.

The offense took place around 5pm that afternoon of January 7 last year after the couple had a heated argument in the PMV truck while traveling along the Hiritano Highway.

It was also put before the court that the couple had been consuming hard stuff and coffee punch on that PMV since they left the Erima Service Station.

The offense took place around 5:30 that afternoon, a time of the day which the court said had sufficient light for people to witness the act.

It was found that after stabbing her husband, Jacob and the deceased got off the PMV during one of the stops.

Witnesses also told the court that the deceased shouted in the truck when he was stabbed. Medical examination of the deceased’s body stated a 22mm stab wound was found on his chest.

Justice Panuel Mogish in handing down the sentence said this is a case of domestic violence with tragic consequences.

"The offender was married to the deceased at the time of the killing. Witness who gave evidence for the state observed the offender and the deceased drinking coffee punch when she stabbed the deceased.

"Evidence also led the the offender and deceased were having a heated argument prior to the killing. Accepting their case there appears to be some provocation sufficient to mitigate to some extents the culpability of the offender,"Justice Mogish said when sentencing Jacob.




Sally Pokiton