Bomana Prison

Inmates join million-tree campaign

Thirty low-risk male inmates from Bomana Correctional Institution participated in the initiative as part of their community rehabilitation.

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop launched the tree planting during the 2023 World Environment Day.  

This collaboration between NCDC and the correctional institution provides prisoners with opportunities for parole and community involvement.

18 escape Bomana Prison

Of the 18, two are on life sentences, while one is on death row.

Commissioner Pokanis appealed to citizens and residents in the immediate areas of the prison to report any sightings or whereabouts of the escapees, and contact the police. 

Pokanis said, "While the prisoners were having their activities during the repentance day, these 18 decided to escape."

The CS Commissioner also clarified that the duty officer was not on site when the incident happened. An investigation will be conducted into this.

Nigerians sue Chief Migration Officer

According to court documents, Albert Oluwafemi Ademo and Akinnodi Olubusayo Olugbeniro were transiting through Port Moresby when officers from the Immigration and Citizenship Authority (ICA) noticed that Ademo had a Solomon Island passport. The duo, who came from the Philippines and were on their way to Canada, were taken to the Boroko Police Station for questioning. That was in May 20 this year. They have been detained at the Bomana Prison since that day.

3 years each for drug possession

The three were identified as Andrew Onne, Maia Dipo and Paul Kowai all from Tapini in the Goilala District, Central Province.

Senior Constable Perry Kageni of the Special Services Division (SSD) said Magistrate Maristella Painap presided the case at the Boroko District Court on 12th November and sentenced the men.

Senior Constable Kageni said the three men were arrested and charged for being in possession of 24.5kg drug bags at the Nine-Mile Plaza outside Port Moresby.

22 psychiatric inmates discovered at Bomana

A similar case to what was discovered two years ago by the National Court, there are 22 inmates currently at Bomana.

They were referred for assessment at Laloki to verify their state of mind. This has to be done for those waiting trial to find out if they will be in the right state of mind to answer to the allegations, which they are arrested and charged for.  

Under the law, before a person can plead to a charge, he must be of sane mind or understand what he is answering to.

VIDEO: Prisoners have dietary rights

The court found that detainees at Bomana are being provided the same food, day in, day out, consisting of protein and staples. 


Sally Pokiton with more 

​Bonds within walls

It’s a silent rule perhaps - what happens on the inside, stays inside.

But one obvious thing is the bond and relationships built within.

Loop PNG had the opportunity to talk with some inmates in the Bomana prison and here are some of their views.

“We live a normal life just like anybody else outside the fence. We live everyday like any other day in here (prison),” says *Noel.

“We only go out when we have a court hearing. Those whose family come to visit, have that opportunity. But, to me, it’s like I’m still at home.”

GG Visits Bomana prisoners


This was the first time for the Governor General to visit the Bomana prison hence his visit was well received by the Correctional Service hierarchy and inmates serving time at Bomana prison.

A Correctional Service guard of honour parade was held for the Governor General during which the Governor General acknowledged the work of the Correctional Service staff and officers urging them to continue the positive work they do to remand prisoners in their care.

Woman gets 14 years sentence for murder

 The Bomana National Court this week sentenced Lucy Jacob to 16 years in prison however one year nine months was subtracted for time spent in remand.

She was convicted in September over the killing of her husband on January 7 last year along the Hiritano Highway, Central Province.

The court found Jacob stabbed her husband on his chest with a knife, which led to his death.

The offense took place around 5pm that afternoon of January 7 last year after the couple had a heated argument in the PMV truck while traveling along the Hiritano Highway.