West Papuans welcome decision by MSG

The Free West Papua Campaign Papua New Guinea (FWPC PNG) has welcomed the decision by the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) to establish guidelines for membership.

West Papuans have applied under the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMPW), a collaborative group comprised of united resistance organisations located both inside and outside of West Papua.

The MSG leaders said there was a criteria issue with the West Papuans' application, and the group's secretariat needed to establish guidelines for membership.

Despite the decision on whether the ULMPW can gain full membership of the MSG has been differed to September, the West Papuans are pleased that their application is being considered.

FWPC PNG coordinator Fred Mambrasar said that they welcome the decision and will wait to hear the result in September as they’re one step ahead in obtaining membership.

Mambrasar said, “It’s a good thing because we need to follow proper procedures in gaining membership status.

“We are looking forward to gaining full membership for the MSG because this is a way to solve our problems.”

Indonesia, which considered the movement a separatist group with no legitimacy, has associate status within the MSG.

“We are Melanesians so we must gain the full membership status,” Mambrasar said.

Mambrasar called on the PNG Government to support them in gaining membership status because unlike Fiji, PNG is their closest neighbour and share the same land mass and international boundary.

Picture courtesy of www.openbar.jp

Quintina Naime