Turi says protest not approved

NCD Police have announced that they will not entertain the protest on Monday by civil society groups.

NCD metropolitan police Commander Ben Turi told Loop PNG that because the request was delivered today, there will be insufficient time to get logistics and clearance from police for Monday’s planned protest.

He adds also that there needs to be a 14-day notice ahead of the protest, which is not the case for the current request.

However, Turi said he will consider the protest if the activists agree to hold the forum after the two-week clearance period that falls after May 19.

Another condition is, the protest would need to be moved to another location far from the busy Unagi Oval so that it will not disrupt traffic or business houses.

Turi is suggesting the protesters gather at the Gerehu Sports Oval.

It would not be in the best interest of the nation’s capital if the protest is to be staged, given the lack of time for police to prepare as well as the location, which is not ideal in case things get out of hand with opportunists.


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Julianna Waeda