Theft case struck out due to lack of police files

A simple investigation case of theft was struck out at the Waigani Committal Court yesterday after a police officer failed to investigate the matter in time.

Magistrate Cosmas Bidar had the case of receiving a stolen laptop struck out in court after no police investigation files or hand-up briefs were served on the defendant, Carol Thomas, within the required three months.

“This case was first mentioned on March 30. It’s been three months since and there have been neither files served nor instructions from the arresting officer.

“Sufficient time has been given, the charge does not need extensive investigation,” Bidar said when ordering the case to be struck out and bail monies of Thomas refunded.

Carol Thomas, 18, from Kawaina village, Okapa, Eastern Highlands Province, was facing allegations she received a stolen property when she bought a laptop at RH Hohola for K300, the same day it was stolen.  

She was arrested and charged by police on March 23.



Sally Pokiton