State of Popondetta town irks Juffa

Governor for Oro Gary Juffa has demanded the Administration of the Popondetta Urban Local Level Government to attend to its responsibilities to keep the town clean.

He has expressed disgust at growing piles of rubbish in the township.

"The Capital and the airport are the face of Oro. This is the first impression visitors have.

“However, right now both are not impressive.

“The airport is filthy and grass grows high within the airport.

“This responsibility lies with National Airports Corporation who are failing by not meeting their responsibilities.

“I have had to intervene on numerous occasions to demand the NAC officers here to attend to their  job and have done awareness to ensure the people selling food and drinks maintain cleanliness.”

He said Popondetta town is becoming filthy.

Juffa added that an effort to maintain cleanliness by the Urban Youth has been ignored by the Administration.

“About K600, 000 per year was budgeted for this year for town cleaning but the town authority claims that they received only K38,000. Where is the money?" Juffa asked.

He has instructed the Provincial Administrator to take stock and attend to the problem as soon as possible.

He also urged the Administrator to have a town authority that functions and charges fees and rates and generates revenue to have funds to maintain the town and build public infrastructure that give the Capital a functioning state that would be the pride of the Province.

Juffa said the effort to manage the town were erratic and inconsistent.

“The town needed a municipal dump and sewerage and garbage disposal services.”

He said he had instructed the administration to construct a plan to make sure this problem isresolved once and for all.

Freddy Mou