SSG Roosters champs of Keleone 9s

SSG Roosters are this year's champions of the Keleone 9s after beating Simple Vewala 13-12 in the Cup grand final yesterday afternoon at Wagula Park, Maopa at the Aroma Coast.

It was a game that had the crowd on their feet with a nail biting finish.

The win for the Roosters  was sealed with a field goal.

The Roosters boys walked away with K15,000 in prize money while runners up Simple Vewala got K5,000.

In the Plate division grand final, Numa Rina beat Ice men 12-8.

The Bowl grand final saw the same scoreline with Vewari Nama Tigers defeating Keakalo Malagana 12-8.

The Pennant was claimed by Funeral Home Laumas winning 18-8 over Vevili Hunters.

Troy Taule