Aroma Coast

​Village councilor reports deaths due to no medicine

This is the reason why Ward Member for Paramana village along the Aroma Coast, Kiki Geno, is appealing to authorities for medicine to be supplied for the aid post that has remained neglected for two years now.

The founder of the Paramana Strangers band told Loop PNG that the aid post has been without medicine since it was built back in 2015.

“When people get sick, we have to take them by PMV or any other car down to Port Moresby. Some people have even died on the road,” said Geno.

“Over 20 people have died in the last two years. It’s a real problem.”

Villagers’ pain of accessing health services

For many, the struggle to access a health facility and treatment is real.

Mothers and their children are hit the hardest when it comes to accessing health care in Vairavanua; they walk a distance of 2 to 3 kilometres to get to the village aid post.

Naises Wamala, an elder in Vairavanua village, says despite a promise by Central Governor Kila Haoda to build an aid post, they are still using an incomplete centre.

Locals fed up with flooded roads

The road is the only access for the people of Aroma Coast in Central Province to the Rigo inland areas.

People in the area are now calling on their local members to quickly act to ensure this is avoided in future.

It is indeed a sad sight to see villagers jumping off their vehicles to cross this flooded area, the bridge that links this road is covered under water each time the wet season kicks in.

The road is accessed by people from the Coast and Rigo Inland villages, with most PMVs being forced to abandon their route and turn back.

SSG Roosters champs of Keleone 9s

It was a game that had the crowd on their feet with a nail biting finish.

The win for the Roosters  was sealed with a field goal.

The Roosters boys walked away with K15,000 in prize money while runners up Simple Vewala got K5,000.

In the Plate division grand final, Numa Rina beat Ice men 12-8.

The Bowl grand final saw the same scoreline with Vewari Nama Tigers defeating Keakalo Malagana 12-8.

The Pennant was claimed by Funeral Home Laumas winning 18-8 over Vevili Hunters.

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Komo soldiers charged for mutiny

The 11 Komo-based PNG Defense Force soldiers who were brought into Port Moresby from the Komo airport base on Monday have been formally charged with mutiny.

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