SHP Governor queries Election Manager

Southern Highlands Governor, William Powi, has condemned the reported attack on Electoral Commission officials yesterday in his Province.

He has also questioned replaced Election Manager, David Wakias, what interest he had in his province.

He said it was very surprising for Wakias to collude with the public to stop the hand over take over ceremony for the new Election Manager, even locking the electoral office.

“He is telling everybody, including his boss, I will not move. So what’s your interest in my province I’m asking? Powi asked,

“If you can’t follow instruction from my boss, what have you got to to do in my Province.”

He also said he has received information that Mendi Chamber of Commerce and Industry President, Berry Mini, was involved.

“And what’s the purpose of the President of the Chamber of Commerce in this process?” he asked as well.

The five senior electoral officials travelling to Mendi to witness the replacement of  Wakias by incoming Election Manager, Jacob Kurap, were stopped at the Anga River by a crowd and were physically assaulted and robbed during the encounter.

Powi said he has made instruction for a formal complaint and for police to immediately investigate and bring to justice the perpetrators of the attack.




Cedric Patjole