Schools urged to remember World AIDS Day

All teachers and students around the country are reminded to commemorate the World AIDS Day, and if they have not planned to observe the day, they are urged to do so.

According to the Education Calendar, the Day falls on Thursday, December 1, on the second last week of Term 4.   

In a statement, the Education Department said: “All the schools and national institutions in PNG are issued the Education Calendar at the beginning of each year. 

“The World AIDS Day is one of the important activities featured on the Education Calendar, and therefore, all schools, including the national institutions, must have planned on their school programs the 1st of December World AIDS Day to be celebrated.”

The theme for this year’s World AIDS Day is: ‘Hands up for HIV prevention’. 

“Teachers should prepare a program for their students to participate in creative activities that are linked to the theme of World AIDS Day,” instructs the Department.

“The teachers and their students can plan for creative activities that can include drama, public speaking, reading, creative writing, drawing, etc.

“All schools should make the day prominent by also involving the local authorities, school board members, community leaders, churches, people living with HIV & AIDS, parents and HIV & AIDS related organisations.  

“By connecting with these groups of people, the students as well as their teachers will learn a great deal from them.”

(Observing World HIV Day 2014 in Port Moresby. Picture: Oil Search Foundation)

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