Relief supplies given to 6000 people

More than 6000 people at Mogulu area, Western Province, witnessed the distribution 35 tons of rice last Friday.

Since the Mogulu area has a population of 6090, each person will have access to 300 grams of rice per day, which is expected to last for two weeks. Four people to a 20kg bag of rice. 

Digicel, through Digicel Foundation and its partners Ok Tedi Mining, Heduru Trust and World Food Program, with the support of the Western Provincial Government and contractors, Agility and Central Aviation, have since last week air lifted 110 tons of rice to the Nomad Mogulu corridor area. To date, 54 tons of rice have yet to be delivered.

Central Aviation has in the meantime flown over 110 sorties – 1 ton of rice per flight to 10 air strips; Fuma, Dodomona Nomad Station, Honinabi, Suabi, Hesalibi, Tomu, Habi, Dahamo, Yehebi and Mogulu.

Papua New Guinea experienced the worst drought ever in the middle of last year. The El Nino has affected a lot of Papua New Guineans, especially those in the rural areas. Western Province with a huge land mass is one of the hardest hit.

Ok Tedi Mining and Heduru Trust responded with K10 million worth of rice and other food supplies. However, the rice stayed in Kiunga since December last year due to logistics problems faced.

Digicel, through Digicel Foundation, supported the logistics with K1 miilion.

The North Fly Disaster Coordinator – arm of the Western Provincial Disaster Committee – Greg Isau said the most affected parts of Western Province will be Middle Fly and South Fly followed by North Fly.  

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