Potape calls on Bando to respect leaders

Komo Margarima MP Francis Potape has congratulated William Bando for his permanent appointment as administrator of the new Hela Province.

He said Bando is a good man and deserved the job after acting on the position for a very long time.

However, Potape was disappointed with Bando for his comments on the media.

Bando in today’s National newspaper said one of his job was to be the glue among the political leaders and the people.

However, he said the non-attendance by the Potape faction was not good and got to show that there was still division among the leaders.

Potape in response said his faction consisting of deputy governor Thomas Potape and other nine LLG presidents were only invited a few days ago via mobile text messages with no exact date and time confirmed.

He said Bando should appreciate other MPs and leaders who attended his signing ceremony and not to be disappointed

He added: “We should be the very people he (Bando) should say thank you to rather than being disappointed over our honest non-attendance.”

He said Bando must start his career based on unity, peace and reconciliation and called on the administrator to respect the leaders and work together for the good of Hela people.

Freddy Mou